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Perfect Tibia — Season 2 has launched

Perfect Tibia — Season 2 has launched

Thanks for joining us on the second launch of this exciting project!

Welcome to Perfect Tibia!

Welcome to Perfect Tibia

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Perfect Tibia is based on a mixture of 8.0 and 8.1 versions, with 10.x version graphics/sprites, and creative and fun custom content.

All 8.0–8.1 content is just as it was, and as it should be. The economy is mainly rune-driven. Old spell formulas for runes, UH runes are the main healing currency. Paladins use SD runes, Knights use Explosion runes, just like old times. Potion system is working as it used to. No overpowered potions, only the basic ones. Online training system enabled, usable by makers as well. Offline trainers are less effective than online trainers. All accounts are Premium.

Players can even purchase retro-outfits and change the sprite of their runes to reflect the old sprites if they wish so!

Maker system ensures players can not abuse the server’s economy. Keeps it steady.

Fully working Market System. Runes are the main market driving factor.

Elements are enabled as in 8.1, although spells mimic 8.0 functionality and balance. Old formulas apply and there is no shared cooldown between spells of the same category, like in the past.

Removed weapon level requirement for Knights and reworked elemental weapons to be actually useful.

Reworked mount system. Mounts give a slightly higher speed boost, however, players are dismounted upon dealing/taking damage. Mounts are hard to obtain in-game and follow different questlines.

No mount is obtained like before, all of them are gained following a custom path.

Creature products as well as classic loot bag drops drop on monsters.

Fully working PoI, Inquisition and high-end quests. Kill task NPC on Thais. Outfits and addons quests work back as they did in 8.0. You can obtain all outfits you don’t start with.

No Yalahar, Krailos, Oramond or other new game-breaking content.

Custom Content: Custom quests for some of the newer outfits and mounts. Custom extended spawns with beautiful and professional designs. Custom quest lines with scripted boss fights which require challenging mechanics. We have also implemented challenging dungeons which require powerful teams and high coordination in order to best and receive amazing rewards.

Explore high-level dungeons for the most challenging and rewarding adventures.
Visit the Hall of Heroes to learn about our custom content and the rewards to earn.

Blue Skull System: The client provides an in-game bot with certain functionalities, but using it places a Blue Skull on players. Counts as an extended White Skull, which reduces experience gain by 10%, and causes players that die with it to lose 20% more experience and loot.

Players who decide to use the bot’s advantages do so at a high risk. Do not come complaining when someone sets their sights on blue-skulled players!

AoL and Blessings: Amulets of Loss are bound to the buying player, and price scales with level. Blessings prices scale with level and are slightly more expensive.

Casino: All town depots have access to the Grand Casino, which allows players to bet tokens for a chance to earn amazing prizes, as well as purchasing the most-wanted houses in the whole server!

See that Golden Outfit look? It’s reserved for the best casino players!

Player Driven content release. We listen to our players. We will release content, patches & updates based on players opinions and feedback.

Check out some of our extended spawns:

Roads like this signal players that they’re near a custom spawn.
Challenging spawns and questlines await!
Perfect Tibia relaunches this Friday!

We will have more info for you soon. In the meantime we invite you to join our Discord Server where you can ask question to veterans and the Perfect Tibia Staff.